The Alabama Dance Council annually presents the Alabama Dance Festival each January.
Photo: Rose Eichenbaum

Our Mission

The Alabama Dance Council (ADC) is a statewide network of people who are inspired to make, teach, share, and experience all forms of dance as a powerful way to move toward a more just society. We believe that dance emboldens every body to connect, build community, and transform the experience of being human.

We Value

• We embody multicultural, equitable practices and embrace diverse voices in order to make dance a more just art form
• We are creating a sense of community that breaks isolation and builds belonging
• We inspire, embolden and cultivate the making, teaching, experiencing and sharing of dance in Alabama, with courage and commitment
• We are dismantling hierarchies and addressing inequities through inclusive networking in order to co-create an equitable organization
• We are building a culture of organizational transparency – inclusive of people, operations, programs, and services

Our Vision

Alabama uses dance to transform the human experience and our connections with one another.

Join Us

For more information on how to become involved with the Alabama Dance Council, please visit our Membership page.