The Alabama Dance Council annually presents the Alabama Dance Festival each January.
Photo: Rose Eichenbaum

Our Mission

The Alabama Dance Council (ADC) is a statewide, nonprofit service organization for the Alabama dance community. The ADC’s mission is to promote the study, creation, performance and enjoyment of dance in all forms. The ADC offers a forum for communication about dance and provides services that support the artistic work of professional dancers, choreographers and dance educators, and advance the artistic experiences of dance students and audiences.

We Value

  • The diversity of dance
  • Sharing dance as an art form
  • Making dance accessible

Our Vision

  • Provide a comprehensive network
  • Developing educational opportunities
  • Advancing audience development
  • Building effective advocacy strategies
  • Expanding member services
  • Developing diverse funding
  • Creating a supportive structure
  • Maximizing the visibility of dance

Join Us

For more information on how to become involved with the Alabama Dance Council, please visit our Membership page.