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The Alabama Dance Council promotes the study, creation, performance, and enjoyment of dance in all forms

ADC Presents – January 17-26, 2020

2020 Alabama Dance Festival

The Alabama Dance Festival and Klein Arts & Culture are proud to co-present Wideman Davis Dance performing Migratuse Ataraxia, a site-specific work at the Klein-Wallace House in Harpersville. – Read more

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  • Florence City Schools Job Opening July 2, 2020
    Florence City Schools has two Contract Dance Teacher positions available. Applicant must be proficient in ballet, contemporary, and jazz and would be teaching 4 classes per school day in grades 5-8. A Bachelors Degree and Teaching Certificate are preferred, but not required. If interested, please contact Matthew Kiel or Jerry Foster .
    Alabama Dance Council
  • Webinars and Podcasts for You! April 2, 2020
    There is so much online content available right now to help guide us through all of the new modifications we are making in our personal, professional, and artistic life. Here are some special arts related webinar or podcasts series we recommend. Many of these are available as recordings after the initial event. …
    Alabama Dance Council
  • Keep the Creative Learning Flowing! Resources for our time of Social Distancing March 16, 2020
    While the circumstances are devastatingly unfortunate, some positives of this unprecedented time are the incredible online resources we are discovering, some which have been made specially available, and many of which have always been available! We have listed a few of these below. As we continue to recognize the ramifications of the COVID-19 virus and […]
    Alabama Dance Council

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