Norma Flores, Artistic Director

Birmingham, AL

Norma Flores began acquiring experience with her culture’s dance at the age of eight through the 1st Company of Folk Dances in Mexico City. At 18 years old, Norma desired to share her passion for Mexican folklore dance, so in 2009 she decided to form a small Mexican folklore dancing group. Beginning with only seven students, the newly formed dance group held three performances, developing its own identity and becoming known as Ballet Folklórico Corazón Azteca.

In 2010, Norma doubled her folklore dance group’s size and the dance group experienced a substantial increase in interest, holding 15 performances at different social and cultural events within and outside the metro Birmingham area. This year, Ballet Folklórico Corazón Azteca expects its performance schedule to be just as busy with several performances already completed this year. Ballet Folklórico Corazón Azteca performances are primarily intended to share the splendor and uniqueness of traditional Mexican dance and teach Mexican dance awareness at multicultural venues. These performances also provide an energetic cultural entertainment to their spectators.