We believe the arts
boost local economies
serve public needs
support student achievement

The ADC promotes the study, creation, performance and enjoyment of dance in all forms. Interwoven with this work is advocacy. Advocacy efforts involve encouraging and supporting local, state, and federal policies that advance dance and other arts activities; developing networks with arts and education associations, businesses, corporations, and philanthropic foundations; and providing resources for our members to use in their own advocacy efforts.

What you can do now

  1. Pay attention to how your local and state legislators and school board members vote, and tell them that you believe the arts are a vital part of your community and schools.
  2. Attend and promote arts events in your community
  3. Organize arts events for your community
  4. Purchase the Alabama Support the Arts license tag for your car

We encourage you to visit the following websites to learn more about the importance of advocating for the arts and what you can do to help.