LaVondia Bryant-Square, Artistic Director

Birmingham, AL

LaVondia Bryant-Square, Artistic Director of Nathifa (nah-thee-fa) Dance Company, meaning clean and pure, was established in September of 1994. LaVondia a performer, dance instructor of African, Jazz, Modern, and Praise Dance Ministry. Coupled with her joy for working with people through dance, she established a youth performing dance and drum company. This non-profit organization has help increase cultural awareness and foster positive self-image along with self-esteem, self-confidence, and spirituality among the people of Birmingham.

After graduating from Mabel Dean Bacon Vocational High School class of 1986, LaVondia moved back to her hometown, Birmingham, AL. She continued her studies in Business Education at Booker T. Washington Jr. College of Business where she received her Associate Degree in Applied Science, 1988. She then began studying Modern dance with Southern Danceworks’ Mary Foshee and Sculpture Essence Dance Company’s Donna Edwards Todd. While dancing with these companies she learned how to conduct teaching classes in the community, working with under-privileged kids at local schools, day care centers, churches, community centers, and colleges. In 1988 through 1995 she continued her African & Caribbean Dance under the directorship of King Sundiata Keite of the Omowale Afrikan Dancers and Cultural Society based in Detroit, Michigan and the Birmingham African Dance Coalition under the directorship of Ife Balams. She has also performed and studied modern dance with Southern Danceworks’ Teri Weksler in Birmingham, AL. She currently attends numerous workshops with the Fa’Neye Fa’dance conference, Atlanta, GA, classes with the Uhuru Dancers, Inc. of Decatur, GA, and the Giwayen Mata of Atlanta, GA.

LaVondia Bryant-Square has been widely recognized for teaching, performing, and choreographing the art of dance and culture of West Africa. In 2007, she received the “Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ireland Pigford Individual Artist Award” through the Cultural Alliance. In 2005, she was awarded the Fellowship Grant through the State Council of the Arts. She is now attending various workshops through Alabama Alliance for Education and the Alabama Arts Education Summit for residencies that integrate dance and Academic Core Curriculum.