Dance for Schools 2023

Dance for Schools is the Alabama Dance Festival’s arts education program. This program provides high-quality, meaningful arts experiences focused on P12 students, educators, and artists. Dance for Schools programs focus on arts integration, arts enhancement, and arts exposure. The Alabama Dance Festival is proud to offer three exciting opportunities for the 2023 Dance for Schools Program!

Dance for Schools 2023 Brochure

Move and Groove Through Your Curriculum – Professional Development

Arts Integration Workshop for Teachers and Teaching Artists, including Special Needs/Collaborative Teachers
The Dance Foundation, Birmingham, Alabama

A major part of the Alabama Dance Festival includes workshops and resource materials for classroom teachers. On Friday, January 13, 2023, P12 educators can attend a day-long training session and receive Continuing Education credit.

Dr. Adrienne Clancy ClancyWorks Dance Company

The teacher workshop offers instructional strategies to effectively bring creative movement into any P12 classroom. This professional development program is designed for educators who want to utilize arts integration in their classrooms but need practical methods and resources.

The workshop speaker is Dr. Adrienne Clancy of ClancyWorks Dance Company. Dr. Adrienne Clancy applies her 30+ years of tried and true classroom techniques that create a safe and brave space for educators to strategize various arts integration methods that energize your class plans! As exemplified in her TEDx Talk, Dr. Clancy will address standards based P12 curriculum for core subject areas demonstrated through multiple learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, auditory, logical, social, emotional. Let’s move and groove as we connect and enhance critical thinking and literacy skills as we embrace 21st century learning techniques through a lens of diversity, inclusion and equity.

This is an unprecedented time for Artists, Educators and Administrators, and a time which calls for deep engagement, developing new skill sets, a radical imagination and a call to action for equality through the arts and arts education. Download the Teacher Workshop Flyer for the full workshop description and make your reservation today!
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Dance Across Birmingham – Field Trip

Dance Workshops, Performance, and Assessments
The Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, North Meeting Hall and Theatre

Dance Across Birmingham is Saturday, January 14, and offers a day of FREE dance classes for all ages.

Styles range from hip-hop, belly dance, and praise dance to African dance, Latin dance and more, taught by local instructors and artistic directors of local dance companies. Classes meet in the BJCC North Meeting Rooms. Register online to reserve space in your favorite classes!

Birmingham Dance Showcase is included in your DAB registration. Enjoy lunch in the BJCC Theatre and watch a concert of this area’s best dance talent.

Dance Performance Assessment was created to align the dance arts with the other arts organizations in the state of Alabama. The evaluation process presents dance educators with a summative form of assessment that is aligned with the Alabama Course of Study: Arts Education Dance Standards. Students who receive a Superior ranking will receive a medal during the awards ceremony.

  • Any middle or high school student enrolled in a public/private school dance program is eligible to participate.
  • Your school must be a member of the Alabama Dance Council for you to participate.
  • There is a $5 fee per dancer per dance.
  • Performance must not exceed 5 minutes.
  • You may submit solo, duet or group pieces (3-20 dancers) .
  • Dancers must wear all black, no costumes/props are allowed. (Excluding footwear)
  • Dancers must provide their own accompaniment music and sound, bring your own wireless speaker and adapters (as needed).
  • Marley flooring and resin are not available.
  • Students should be 6th – 12th graders.
  • Dance Performance Assessment Rubric

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Helen Simoneau Danse – Field Trip

School Performance (sensory-friendly)
Jemison Concert Hall, UAB’s Alys Stephens Center

In this FREE, sensory-friendly school performance on Friday, January 20. 

Delicate Power examines the different ways we yield, share or exert power as individuals and within communities. The work subverts expectations of power by asking: What does power look like without the need for dominance? How is power revealed or embodied when innate and not hard-fought? What is power rooted in respect? Power without ego? Movement and intricate structures of design convey the strength within softness, the potency of empathetic exchange, resilience forged in reflection, and propulsion stemming from confidence and trust. Delicate Power is an investigation of command without force.

This dance features an original score by Pulitzer prize-winning composer and musician Caroline Shaw, with dramaturgy by Melanie George, costume design by Quinn Czejkowski and lighting by David Ferri.

Approximately 60 minutes run time. Followed by artist Q&A.

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