A major part of the Alabama Dance Festival includes workshops and resource materials for classroom teachers. On Friday, January 17, K12 educators can attend a day-long training session at The Dance Foundation and receive Continuing Education credit.

Dance For Schools 2020 Information
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Read below for more information on this year’s Dance for Schools offerings.

Dance for Schools 2020

Classroom teachers – we’ve planned some great activities for you and your students! Teachers will want to start on January 17 with a free Teacher Workshop, where you will receive movement-based arts integration tools and materials.

Teacher Workshop

Arts Integration Workshop for Classroom Teachers and Teaching Artists
We Are Like Rivers, We Are Rivers II: Movement and Building Circles of Learning with Peter DiMuro
Friday, January 17, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm, The Dance Foundation

The workshop approaches words, ideas and movement in ways that help both teacher and student mine personal experiences as a place from which to learn and grow. Taught by Peter DiMuro, participants will work with simile and metaphor,and related lessons stemming from them in a few ways:
One is in the “doing” way, we will create mini-dances based on simile and metaphor translations into movement. Another way, the “concept/reflection” mode, explores how we as teachers and artists can use metaphor and simile as thought processes to build our own unique, self-sustaining ways of creating fresh approaches in learning circles in the classroom, and beyond.

This workshop will be clearly applicable to both classroom and dance studio, user-friendly and standards-based.

Dance For Schools 2020 Information
Teacher Workshop Reservation Form

For more information, contact Rosemary Johnson by email rosemary@alabamadancecouncil.org or phone at 205.602.3599.